Welcome To My Website Friends & Neighbours

During this last term of Council, I am proud to say that I have delivered on every single commitment that I had made in 2014 to you, the residents of Ward 1.
Over the last four years, I have initiated a number of new projects that I feel passionate about and want to see through to completion. Some of these include: a full revitalization of the Maple Community Centre; construction of the centre-turn lane on Major Mackenzie; and finding a solution to the parking shortage in the village of Kleinburg. Please read over this brochure for a complete list of my current initiatives.
With this in mind, and given that there is much more work that demands unwavering attention and advocacy, I am seeking re-election. I therefore ask for your support once again—by making me “your choice” on October 22, 2018, I would be proud to continue being “your voice” on Vaughan City Council.