December 4, 2018: Inauguration Speech

I begin tonight by saying how extremely humbled and grateful I am to be here on this special evening welcoming a new term of council with renewed energy and enthusiasm and sharing this sense of purpose with my Council colleagues.

I am blessed to be returning as Councillor and I give my thanks to the 6,540 residents who placed their mark next to my name and gifted me with their trust for another four years. To you, I pledge that I will execute my duties as Councillor in an honest, open and transparent manner, and maintain the highest level of integrity in all that I do.

For my family, 2018 has been particularly grueling, yet my husband and my children never once complained and they gave everything they had to help and support me on the long journey to election day. Larry prepared snacks for the volunteers each Thursday and ensured that we did not lose any weight canvassing!

And a “heartfelt thanks” goes to my loyal volunteers who, day in and day out, knocked on over 9650 doors telling people why they chose me to support as their local councillor.

Many of my residents already know that my election commitments made since 2010, were all delivered by 2016. Starting today, I am embarking on a number of new initiatives that YOU, the residents of Ward 1 have made clear to me, ARE very important to you.

Together with support of this Council, I look forward to moving ahead on these issues including – but not limited to:

  • Improving traffic flow in the Maple core by pressuring the York Region to construct the centre-turn lane that will lead residents and emergency services in a faster and safer manner towards the new Mackenzie Vaughan hospital
  • Funding the next phase of the NMRP – an mesmerizing jewel of peace and tranquility in the heart of the City
  • Sourcing lands for a much needed future community centre and library for Kleinburg
  • Finding solutions for the parking shortage in the Kleinburg core


I will continue to speak up, and out, against development that disrespects our heritage and our residents

I also wish to thank my executive assistant, Gina Ciampa, who represents me and my office with professionalism, competency, and integrity. Her common sense, compassion and much humour endears her to the Ward 1 residents as well as staff.

And to the incredible staff here at the City, you work extremely hard and demonstrate a sincere care for the residents of this great City. Each call, each email that you receive from my office, you respond to it with the professionalism that I have come to rely upon and with the results that our residents expect.

I look forward to the next four years with anticipation of the many great things that this collective council will achieve to bring what is best to our residents and ensure that Vaughan takes its rightful place as a world class city.